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Whether you’re an airport or garden centre, a small or big office, a cafe or restaurant, Tiger will work with you to produce a coffee or hot drinks programme that suits you and your customers.

It's our business to know your business

Food-led pubs

43% of the population go to the pub to have a meal, not just to have an alcoholic drink. And with 46% of the population drinking coffee, why not tap into this ever-growing market and boost your revenue?

Cafes - branded and retail own brand

With so much focus on atmosphere and with every other person being a food or coffee critic, we know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. That’s why we always make sure your machine is running perfectly.

Quick service restaurant

There’s no reason why a coffee that’s served quickly or under a lot of pressure can’t be of a high quality. This is when our machines come into their own, taking the pressure off the barista and allowing them to focus on the customer’s experience.

Boutique hotels

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, you want to be greeted by good coffee in the morning. Offer your customers a consistent, quality coffee without taking any time whatsoever away from your staff.

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Information about our exciting new machines is coming soon. Check back in or contact us to find out more.